4 Probable Reasons Why Your AC Is On But Not Cooling

In McDonough, summers are hot, humid, and fairly uncomfortable. With the average daytime temperature rising to 33°C with relative humidity above 95%, it is challenging to keep the AC turned off. After a day in the heat, the last thing people want is to find that their cooling system is not working properly. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

HVAC experts McDonough opine that whether the air conditioner will run perfectly does not depend on its model – split, window, or central. There are different variables at play, like the machine not being adequately taken care of or serviced within scheduled dates. Sometimes, the compressor might get worn out over time, resulting in a weak cooling performance. 

Learn about some of the potential factors that might cause the AC to work inefficiently.


The Thermostat Might Not Be Cooperating

If the AC is not cooling even after it is turned on, the first thing to check is the thermostat settings. Check if the thermostat is not just ON but also on the ‘COOL’ mode. One can check it by setting the thermostat to run at a cooler temperature than the stated one. In that way, you will be able to understand if the thermostat is faulty.

However, if the AC does not throw cool air from the vents, then you should consider calling HVAC experts.

Improper Placement of the Cooling Unit

Some cooling units, like a split air conditioner, have two major parts – the indoor and the outdoor units. Both of these should be placed optimally to avoid hitches. Also, the size of the indoor unit should be capable enough to handle the size of the room.

For example, a small-sized unit won’t be able to adequately cool a large room. Also, the indoor unit should not be close to any heat source or windows. That’s because these are sources of humid air. Sometimes, it can be the compressor that has stopped working owing to direct exposure to sunlight. Either way, only professionals can evaluate and fix the issue.

Dirty Air Filter or Condenser Coils

If your AC has been on for quite a long time but isn’t delivering cool air as it should, then it can be because of a clogged and dirty air filter. Dirty air filters and condenser coils negatively impact the air conditioner’s efficiency in cooling a room. The dirt traps heat inside it and restricts airflow. This trapped heat causes the cooling mechanism to overheat and underperform.

Too Much Ventilated Rooms

Air conditioners function by trapping humid air inside a room, passing it through the evaporator, chemically cooling it, and dispersing back into the room. This process keeps continuing till the room temperature matches the desired temperature set by the user. 

One reason why your AC isn’t able to cool the room can be because of the ventilation. Excessively ventilated rooms have a constant input of humid and hot air, which hampers the cooling process.

Wrapping Up

If your home’s air conditioning system is also working inadequately, then the best thing to do is connect with HVAC experts McDonough. Average repair costs vary from around $150 to $650, depending on the problem, labor costs, and warranty status. However, users need to understand that the final quotation can only be obtained once professionals check your machine and evaluate its issues.

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