Savvy Housekeeping is a blog about housekeeping the smart way. Here is what I wrote when I started the blog:

What is Savvy Housekeeping?

1. to know; understand.
2. shrewdness or intelligence; common sense.
1. the maintenance of a house or domestic establishment or household affairs..
2. ongoing routine, procedures, operations, and management.
The way I see it, savvy housekeeping gets down to a few components:
Frugality – It’s not so much that frugality is about saving money as much as it is about using resources to their fullest. Being frugal means finding ways to pay less for things, recycling and reusing what you have, and doing projects yourself instead of paying someone else to do it.

– Increasing efficiency in a house means setting up systems that streamline chores and do the work for you. Whether it’s installing an energy efficient dishwasher or organizing your closet, the idea is to make life simpler overall.

– A nice house is pleasant to be in. Whether it’s the flowers on the table or a freshly scrubbed sink, it’s that extra oomph that makes a home a home.
When I’m doing anything related to my house, these are the values I apply to it. I believe in DIY (do-it-yourself) projects, gardening, and cooking. But I also believe in spending as little as possible on housekeeping so I can put my money toward more interesting endeavors. I have a dream that someday my house will run like an elegant machine that is efficient, clean, inexpensive, and nice to look at. Here are some things that are helping me get closer.

Since launching in October 2008, the blog has steadily grown to a regular readership and has been featured in Craft, Life Hacker, Serious Eats, Sunset Magazine, and many others. Thanks for reading!

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