Garden Design On a Budget

Whether your garden is big or small, creating a beautiful outdoor space can be a challenge,  especially if you’re new to the world of garden design. If you’re also on a budget, your dream garden might feel even further out of reach.

It’s possible to create some stunning looks without spending lots of money. If you’re looking for ways to beautify your backyard, decorate your decking or liven up your lawn, here’s all you need to know about designing a gorgeous garden on a budget.

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Consider Decking 

Decking can be a low-maintenance, cost-effective way to spruce up your garden with minimal effort. If  you already have decking boards, one way to freshen up the look of your garden is to clean them regularly. If they haven’t been washed in a while, consider using a pressure washer to hose off any slippery algae or moss. 

Decide On the Look

Consider what type of garden design you like most; do you enjoy a minimalist, urban landscape, or a country garden look? Secondly, consider what you are likely to use your garden for. For example, if you have kids, is there space for storing toys and for running about? 

Get Out Your Sketchpad

Create a rough map of what you want your garden to look like including focal points, paths and flower beds. It doesn’t have to be too detailed; just clear enough so that you can use it to refer back to as you work.

Create Flower Bed Borders

Lawn edging can be done using rocks, bricks or weather-treated wood. As well as helping things to look more neat and tidy, adding borders to your flower beds also helps to protect any surrounding lawn areas against weeds and overgrowth. When pruning in preparation for this, follow specific instructions for each plant to encourage healthy growth.

Be a Savvy Gardener

If you know a neighbor with green thumbs, ask them whether they have any plants spare to help you get started on your project. Check when there are sales at your local garden center or florist as well as farmers and flea markets. Alternatively, one of the cheapest ways to grow plants is to propagate them from cuttings.

Add Some Color

While hardy perennials are a wonderful way to add some vibrant hues to your garden throughout the year, you can also use paint to transform your garden. Fences, furniture and even flooring can be given a completely new look with a lick of paint. Just make sure you use the correct formula for the job as ordinary emulsion won’t be weatherproof.

Upcycle Your Decor

Pallet-raised garden beds, reclaimed paving stones and repurposed containers used as planters are all ingenious and cost effective ways to makeover your garden. Not only that, but they also help to reduce waste by using items you might otherwise throw away.

Spruce Things Up

If your yard looks a little unruly, one of the best things you can do is to tidy up. Weeding, raking, sweeping might take a little time and effort depending on how messy your garden is, so consider sectioning your garden into quadrants and working on one quarter of your yard at a time. Don’t forget to have a garden waste container nearby, so you can clean as you go.

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