What You Will Need to Create a Living Wall

Living walls will not only bring a natural backdrop to your garden, but can look great in pictures or if you are hosting social events. These walls can make your garden stand out – and are environmentally friendly, providing food and homes for a variety of wildlife and insects. Not only this, they can be a fun project to create and look after, for years to come. 

living wall

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Find the shears hidden in the flowers…  


Find the secateurs hidden in the plants…  

secateurs hidden in the plants

What is a living wall?

Living walls are when plants are grown with the intention of them living on a vertical surface, up the side of a wall or building. They are also known as vertical gardens or plant walls. In contrast to alternatives like climbing plants trailed up a house’s structure, climbing plants are rooted in the earth at ground level. Living walls are systems that are typically made up of individual pockets or planters that carry up the entire wall, meaning that the plants you select for your wall are planted into soil pots. It is important that you create a living wall on a wall that is stable and does not move, to protect the plants from getting damaged.

What you will need

The first step is to select a wall that you would like to use – this should be something that receives enough light, or if you are wanting to create one indoors you must think about how much heat they will be exposed to. 

Once you have chosen a wall, you can start picking plants that you would like to have – and decide if the combination you have selected will not only be able to grow well together but also look aesthetically pleasing. Choose plants that can thrive in the same temperature, light conditions and water levels, to make them easier to maintain and look after. 

The next step is so actually start! Ensure that you have all the right equipment, from drills to watering cans and frames, a lot of time and effort is going to go into this project. The frame can be made from steel, wood or even recycled plastic and materials, and is budget adaptable. Whatever frame you choose, make sure you have a Dewalt power tool to hand to speed up the process.

The best time of year to begin growing your living wall is in spring, as plants reach their active growth stage. So be quick – get planning and preparing today. 


Find the shears hidden in the flowers…  

hidden shears

Find the secateurs hidden in the plants…  

hidden secateurs



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