What To Do With Frozen Zucchini

My freezer is overflowing with produce from last year’s garden. I froze most of the zucchini from my zucchini experiment, and now I have to eat it.


But frozen zucchini isn’t as good as fresh, and there’s only so much zucchini soup and chocolate zucchini muffins a person can eat. So I went in search of new zucchini recipes what would specifically work for frozen zucchini. Here’s what I came up with:

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Spicy Turkey and Zucchini Burger. I would probably skip the mint and cilantro, but otherwise it seems like these flavors would work well together.

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Vegetarian Chili. It has been a long time since I made a vegetarian chili. (I usually make my mother-in-law’s version.) This recipe looks good, although I would substitute the yellow squash and fresh zucchini with frozen. I may make this next week!

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Julia Child’s Zucchini Tian. I’m curious about this one. It’s zucchini, rice, and a B├ęchamel sauce made with “zucchini juices plus milk.” Hmm…

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Pasta With Zucchini Sauce. I’ve made this kind of thing before, but I completely forgot about it. It’s pasta coated in a sauce of zucchini and garlic, very simple and delicious.


Savory Summer Squash Quick Bread Recipe. Hey, how about a savory zucchini bread? I bet it would go great with the chili.

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