Turn An Old-Fashioned Spice Tin Into Easy, Cheap Bathroom Storage

I was excited to learn that if you have a metal door on your medicine cabinet, you can buy little magnetic baskets for holding cotton swabs or other toiletries. The basket attaches to the door, thus saving space in the cabinet and allowing for easy access to the cotton swabs.
I was less excited to learn these baskets cost $15.
So I decided to make my own using a spice tin. I cleaned out the tin, filled it with Q-tips, and attached it to the door with two magnets, like so:

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2 thoughts on “Turn An Old-Fashioned Spice Tin Into Easy, Cheap Bathroom Storage”

  1. I don’t know if I should tell you, but dollar stores here in Canada (and probably the US too) carry baskets you can place in your locker at school that will hold things like this. Personally I like your spice tin better as it is much more vintage and pretty, but for those who like solid coloured metal mesh dollar stores may be the answer.
    Thing is though, if you put a basket on the inside of the door and close the door, the item/basket still takes up space on the shelf unless there is a space big enough to accommodate it between the door and the edge of your shelf.


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