Unusual Pizza Toppings

savvyhousekeeping corned beef pizza
Like the above Corned Beef Pizza, I like trying unusual toppings on my homemade pizzas. One of the best pizzas I have ever made was one with barbecue ribs. It had rib meat, a combination of mozzarella and smoked cheddar, and a mixed marinara and barbecue sauce. It was awesome.
We have also tried pulled pork, arugula, squash, chorizo, chicken, falafel, and lots of other toppings. All have been good. The trick is to think of the whole pizza as complimenting the flavor of the topping. So with the ribs pizza, I didn’t just dump meat on top, I also incorporated cheese and BBQ sauce that mirrored the flavor of the ribs. This gives the pizza an overall harmony, and harmony = delicious.
Here are some toppings I’m curious about:
Egg Pizza
savvyhousekeeping egg pizza
I have tried egg on a pizza before and found it unnecessary. However Michael Ruhlman’s egg pizza makes me want to give it a second chance. For one thing, he paired the egg with asparagus and bacon, which sounds darn good. Also the egg I had was practically raw, and he cooks his in the oven for a few minutes, which would make a lot of difference in texture. It gives a whole new meaning to breakfast for dinner.

Chard Pizza

savvyhousekeeping chard pizza
I am going to be growing chard this year, so will probably try it on pizza. In particular, I like the looks of In Praise of Leftovers’ broccoli, chard and chévre pizza, pictured above. Wow.

Pear Pizza

savvyhousekeeping pear pizza
Pear sounds like one of those ingredients that could either be awful or genius as a pizza topping. This recipe from the Rustic Kitchen gives me hope that it is the latter. It is pear pizza with red onions and walnut pesto, which sounds kind of awesome.
Corn Pizza
savvyhousekeeping corn pizza
Here’s a picture from the Biggest Menu of “pizza with fresh corn, balsamic marinated roasted red onions, mozzarella, smoked mozzarella topped with fresh chives.” I’m sold. I know that’s good.

Potato Pizza

savvyhousekeeping potato pizza
The LA Times has a recipe for potato pizza. Sounds like the trick is to slice the potatoes very thin to get them to cook. I’m not a fan of white sauce on pizza, so would probably tweak the flavorings to go with marinara instead.
Really, this can go on and on. There’s no end to the deliciousness of pizza, especially when you make your own.
What unusual pizza toppings have worked for you?

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19 thoughts on “Unusual Pizza Toppings”

  1. Believe it or not- Peanut Butter and Jelly- I saw it on Food Network and thought Yeeeuck. But tried it- it was pretty goof. You just warm a jar of peanut butter in the microwave, spread it on a pizza crust, and top with jelly!

  2. My favorite pizza is a beet green, pine nut combo, with fresh pesto instead of tomato sauce. For an aged white cheddar (sparingly) or a mix of gouda and fresh grated parma. So yummy!

  3. Koriann, that menu is awesome. “Guanciale, soft egg, dandelion greens,” yes! “Roasted chantrelle, truffle cheese,” yes! I’ll have to check this place out next time I am in Seattle. Also intrigued by nectarines on pizza.
    Rob, I have heard that before. Is it just peanut butter and jelly, or is there anything else on it?
    Wolfsong, yum! That sounds a lot like the chard idea. I bet the pine nuts would be good.

  4. Olive oil brushed on the crust, feta cheese and greek olives. Then baked. It might be good with spinach on it. Have to think about that one.
    Brush thinly sliced Japanese eggplant with olive oil, grill, then put on top of a “regular” chees pizza.
    Thanks for the ideas. We do pizza every Friday and new recipes are always appreciated.

  5. Olivia, I bet eggplant would be good. Tonight I am trying chicken and chard, sort of inspired by Wolfsong’s suggestion.

  6. The best pizza I have ever made is with Alfredo sauce, chicken, tomatoes, bacon, and mozzarella cheese. Even my Mom who is the pickiest eaters loves it.

  7. My Slovak grandmother made a pizza that had a filling INSIDE of it. We call it “potato pizza”. The filling is potatoes that have been boiled and thoroughly drained and then mashed together with colby longhorn cheese and seasoned with parsley and pepper. This filling is then spread on the inside of a large pizza dough that is then wrapped around the entirety of the filling and rolled flat with a rolling pin. After fork-pricking the entire crust, the pizza is baked and then the top is brushed with bacon grease before serving. Heavenly!!

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  9. I know someone who would hard boil an egg, chop it into cubes and put that on a pizza. I don’t know what that tastes like since I don’t eat eggs, but I’m sure it’s tasty.


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