Turn An Old Sweater Into Cozy Boots

There are lots of things you can do with an old sweater, and apparently one of them is to turn them into boots. By exploiting the ribbing and warmth of the sweater, you can turn it into cozy boots to get you through these cold winter months. Here are three how-tos to consider:
UPCYCLED SWEATER BOOTS. In this how-to, the instructions tell you to cover a cheap pair of flat with the sweater, like so:
I like this version of the project, because using the flats gives you a sturdy sole for the bottom of the boot. As a bonus, you can upcycle old flats this way too.
UPCYCLED SWEATER SLIPPER BOOTS. These boots don’t have much of a sole, but the photo looks good. With some tweaking, you could make some decent boots out of this how-to.
Sweater Slipper after
UPCYCLED SWEATER SLIPPERS. These are slippers, not boots, but the project clearly show how to make a sole out of felt.
Sweater Moccasins 10
Combine the last two how-tos, and you could end up with pretty cool boots made from one old sweater.

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