Turn A Book Into A Clock

The clock in my son’s room broke. I’m considering turning a book into a clock. Here’s some tutorials that tell you how to Turn A Book Into A Clock:
Vintage Book Clock
How To Turn A Book Into A Handsome Clock
Literary Clock Using Children’s Books
Also this one.
Book Clock For A Book Shelf

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2 thoughts on “Turn A Book Into A Clock”

  1. I know it’s kind of silly, but I always get a bit bummed out when I see repurposed books. I dunno, I just hate seeing a book be hollowed out, glued to something, or otherwise rendered unreadable.
    It’s dumb of me because I know it’s better than having them sit around not being read. I just feel sad for the stories for whatever weird reason.

    • I actually agree with you about that, which is why I’ve stopped posting so many projects about recycling books into crafts. I like this one, though, because you can pick a book you really love and put it up on your wall as sort of a functional trophy.


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