Trellising Tomato Plants

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This year, I’m going to try trellising my tomatoes. After all, tomatoes are a vine, and it makes sense that they can be trellised like any other vine. The advantages of a trellis is:
* It looks neat and organized.
* It gives the tomato plenty of room to branch out.
* It’s easy to harvest the tomatoes.
* If the trellis is strong, it won’t be collapsing over like weaker cages do.
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How to do it? I’m still researching, but these people have a nice strong trellis. I also think this one (pictured above) looks nice.
The key, it seems, is to make a strong trellis, preferably with wire. Tomato plants, if you plant them the right way, get huge and very heavy.
Have you ever trellised your tomato plants? Share your tips below.

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