Some Foolproof Ways You Can Lower Your HVAC Bills

As inflation grips the US, many individuals and families want relief. They want smaller grocery bills and discounted clothing and other services. You might find yourself getting creative thinking about ways you can save money and reduce expenses.

Lowering your energy bills can save money. Often, as a homeowner, that means HVAC-related solutions. Let’s discuss some you might consider right now.

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Run the Thermostat at a Lower Temperature While You’re at Work

Maintaining the proper temperature cuts your cuts your energy bills by 8%, on average. If you work from home, then you’ll probably need warmer temperatures during the day. However, if you’re at work all day, and your kids spend hours at school daily, you may reduce the temperature during those hours and save money.

You might lower the thermostat a few degrees when you leave the house in the morning, but if you get a smart thermostat, you can set a timer on it so you don’t have to remember this chore. The smart thermostat lowers the house’s temperature when you leave, and you can also set it so that it raises the temperature again when you get back.

This should reduce your energy bills. On the weekend, when you’re at home, you won’t run this program.

Run the Thermostat at a Lower Temperature and Wear More Clothing

Heating and cooling aren’t exactly cheap. The cooler you have it in the summer and the warmer you have it in the winter, the more you’ll pay.

You can reduce these costs in the winter if you run the thermostat a little lower. You needn’t freeze in your home, but if you drop the thermostat’s temperature by just one or two degrees, that makes a big difference in your monthly heating bills.

To counteract this, you can wear extra layers. You might walk around the house in a bathrobe and wear a sweater underneath it. You can get under some extra blankets when you sleep. It’s a little inconvenient, but it’s a useful money-saving tactic if you’re feeling the financial pinch at the moment.

Run the AC Unit Less During the Summer

During the summer, you can also save money when you run your central air unit less. If you’re in Texas or somewhere else where you can expect triple-digit days throughout the year, particularly during the summer, then you may need central air. If you live in a region where you can have hot days but not particularly punishing ones, you might not use the central air during those times.

Instead, you might have ceiling fans you can use or tower-style fans you’ll set up throughout your home. You may wear less clothing around the house and drink plenty of cold drinks. Every day you don’t use central air means a lower energy bill.

You can reduce your HVAC–related expenses if you’re determined. You will get through this high-inflation time, and hopefully, your monetary situation will improve before long.   

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