To Buy or Make a Slanket/Snuggie?

Considering a cozy blanket with sleeves like the Slanket or Snuggie? Dive into the debate of buying vs. making your own, exploring cost-effective options and DIY potential.

Key Takeaway:

Should you buy a Slanket or Snuggie, or make your own? Slankets cost around $45, Snuggies are cheaper at $28, but making your own using fleece fabric can save money, depending on fabric prices and your sewing skills.

When I first saw the Slanket about 3 or 4 years ago, I thought it was great. I am often freezing and wrapped in a blanket and it’s annoying to pull my arms out to type. Therefore a blanket with sleeves seemed perfect. Perfect, that is, until I looked at the price. At the time, Slankets went for $60 each. (Now they are around $45.) That’s still a lot for a fleece blanket with sleeves.


Now I learn about the Snuggie, which is the same thing but much cheaper–$28 each, including shipping. That’s a lot more reasonable. Still. Fleece is pretty cheap in the fabric store. Is it worth it to buy a Snuggie? Especially since there are patterns out there for making your own?

According to the pattern, a Slanket/Snuggie takes 3 yards of fleece at 60 inches wide. I just called my local fabric store and they told me they are selling fleece for $3.99 a yard. That means my Slanket would cost $12 when finished, saving about $16. It would also take about an hour of my time.

Personally, that’s not enough savings to make me go to the trouble. (I really don’t enjoy sewing.) However, there’s always the fabric store clearance rack. If I could find fleece for cheaper–say $1 a yard–then we’re really talking savings here. It also seems likely that I could find fleece for that price since I don’t care what the Slanket would look like. So I’ll have to keep my eyes open.

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5 thoughts on “To Buy or Make a Slanket/Snuggie?”

  1. As a joke and because my 6 yr old loved the commercials I was the recipient of 2 Snuggies (and book lights) this week from my husband.
    The fleece on the Snuggie is thin and rough. Don’t buy one if you really want to get long term use out of it.
    If you can anyway sew make one for yourself.
    I bet the Slanket is nicer which is why it is so much more expensive.

  2. Mimi–That is very interesting to hear about the Snuggies. I was wondering if the fleece was thin/cheap. Thanks for the comment–now I will definitely look into making one instead.

  3. Hi, I was going to buy a Snuggie too but while we could get two for 19.95, you also had to pay 8.95 shipping for each one! Plus they were all out of stock and the online review were mostly poor.
    Also they don’t come in kids sizes so I found it more economical to sew our own.
    My kids can easily play video games or read with the shorter sleeve length.
    And I did it by hand so it took a little longer than an hour! But I would suggest to make your own. We found fleece for 3 bucks a yard.
    We love our homemade Snuggies!


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