Savvy Jr's Easter Basket

Personal Creation’s sent Savvy Jr an Easter basket this year. We tried out the All-In-One Boys Easter Basket, which comes with:
Stuffed bunny
A chocolate bunny in box
Jelly beans
Small chocolate eggs
Mini chocolate bunnies
4 pack of Peeps
Sugared bunnies
And a personalized basket.
While these are all things you can buy yourself in the store, it was convenient to have it all sent to me and ready to go.
I was also pleased with the amount of candy the basket came with. There was so much, I didn’t put it all in the basket, but held some back to put in plastic eggs for his Easter egg hunt.
It was the major thing Savvy Jr–whose real name is Gideon–got this year, and he loved it.

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2 thoughts on “Savvy Jr's Easter Basket”

  1. I’m curious what makes this a “boy’s” Easter basket. I don’t see anything a girl wouldn’t like, and can’t see what they’d trade out to make it a “girl’s” basket.

  2. Sandra, good point. That’s what they call the product. They have a girl’s one that has a pink liner. But yes, you could definitely get this for a girl too.


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