Save Money Update: Fossil Purse and JLab Headphones

Making companies replace things that malfunction feels like a full-time job around here. I’ll kept it up, though.
As you remember, my new year’s resolution was to
Save Money By Contacting Companies When Things Break.

So far this year, I’ve had a frame replaced by Michaels and a temperature probe replaced Taylor Digital.
Now I’m working on a few new products that fell apart on me. Here’s the low-down.
1. JLab Pink Headphones
My husband got these for me for Christmas. In less than four months, one ear stopped working and the foam fell off the other ear. Great. Another piece of junk.
I emailed Jlab and they said I could return the headphones and they would give me a new pair.
The only catch was that I had to mail the broken headphones to them, which meant putting the headphones in an envelope, going to the post office, and paying $4 in postage. Pain in the butt! I’m waiting for them to get back to me.
2. Fossil Purse
I bought this purse in January. I was so happy to find one I liked that I spent $100 on it, thinking that it was an investment for something I would have with me a lot. But then last month, vinyl on the purse started peeling away around the top. Look at this:
This isn’t normal wear and tear, but poor construction. It had been six months since purchasing the purse, but something that you pay $100 ought to last more than half a year. So I contacted the company and told them about the problem.
We’ll see what happens.
It’s frustrating that things fall apart so quickly. No one seems to care about quality these days. Well, I do.

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