Rory Dobner House Tour

I love looking at how artists decorate their homes. The objects artists tend to collect are not simply things purchased in a store, but things that have been made, or collected, from interesting or personal sources. This makes their homes much more interesting than the pretty ones you see on most design sites. Artist houses tend to tell stories.
Rory Dobner’s house is no exception. I mean, a doll head under a bell jar, a stuffed dodo, plates on the walls, flamingo paintings? It’s not for everyone–not for many people at all, really–but that’s all the more reason to like it, as far as I’m concerned

I love the anatomy poster. I almost bought that umbrella can, once.
Rather stern looking, isn’t he?

The local antique store had chairs just like that. They looked comfy.
My favorite thing in this picture is that pillow on the left. It’s so awesome. I also like the boat.
I wonder what the story is with what looks like an old flag hanging from the ceiling.

I love the doll head, as mentioned. I love the parrot pillow. I love the “love” lamp. The plates are great.
Purple furniture? Eh, not so much.

Just, awesome.
See more at Elle Decor EspaƱa.

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