Reasons to Call Out the Professionals for a Blocked Drain

Of the many catastrophes that can occur in a family home, a blocked drain is probably the most distressing and if you ever experience backed up drains, resist the temptation for a self-fix. Nine times out of ten you will make the problem a lot worse, that’s if you can manage to find the blockage! 

Here are some of the compelling reasons to avoid trying to sort out a blocked drain.

blocked drains

  • Extra cost – If your efforts are wasted, you have probably compounded the blockage, making it much harder to remove. Smart homeowners simply call Flusso Plumbing who have the gear and the know-how to pinpoint the blockage; not only that, the technician will power flush the entire system, which helps to prevent further blockages. It is not uncommon for a plumber to spend a lot more time fixing a homeowner’s attempt and time is money.
  • Fast service – No matter the time of day, a fully equipped mobile workshop will be there before you know it; there isn’t much the drain unblocker hasn’t seen and using CCTV tech, he can get a close-up of the blockage and take appropriate action. A couple of hours is all it takes to finish the job and you can relax and enjoy the rest of your day.
  • Power flush – The inner surfaces of your drainage pipes become covered in slime and this can be the start of build-up, with debris attaching, making the obstacle larger until it affects the flow. The technician sends high-powered water through the drains to clean the interior surfaces, which improves flow. Click here for moving tips.
  • Foul smell – There’s nothing that can effectively mask that pungent odour that can emanate from a drain; until the blockage is cleared, the smell isn’t going away; call in a drain specialist and that will be the end of it.
  • Get a free drain inspection – The drain specialist has a few CCTV buggies that he sends down the drain to see how things are; whatever the reason you called him out, while he’s there, he would be happy to check out the entire system. This brings you peace of mind and if a section of pipe is compromised, it can be fixed with pipe re-lining.
  • Sourcing the blockage – This is often the hardest part of the job; your drainage system is a complex network of pipes and joints; the blockage could be anywhere and the technician knows what to look for and can usually tell you what the issue is. The specialist drives a mobile workshop and there isn’t a drain problem he hasn’t encountered.

If you have recently moved into your current home, why not have the drainage system inspected? Google is your best friend and can home in on a leading local drain specialist, a professional who knows how to unblock drains.

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