Preventing Leaks From Damaging Your Home

Water is powerful. Just consider that just a trickle of water can eventually carve out a vast canyon! Even a tiny bit of water dripping some place it doesn’t belong from a leak can cause untold damage to your home, especially if it goes unnoticed! Day after day leaking water can ruin the home you worked so hard to obtain and maintain!

Preventing Leaks

Fortunately, once you do know that you have a leak, there are things you can do to correct the problem. For example, if you need leaking balcony repairs in Sydney you can summon help from local professionals who can staunch that pesky leak before it does further harm! While repair solves the problem, your best course of action is to take steps to ensure that leaks don’t get started in the first place. The following are some of the problem spots where leaks commonly begin, and what you can do proactively to prevent them from happening!

Air Conditioning – Your air conditioner produces moisture thanks to the process of condensation that makes the air pleasantly cool for you, but it also results in water emitting from the system. This water should drain away through a line to a drainage pipe, but sometimes those lines get clogged by dust and debris in the air, and the moisture begins to collect, then drip onto the floor, and the next thing you know you have a problem leak! Checking and cleaning those lines several times a year will prevent this from happening.

Toilets – Your home’s porcelain throne is a common source of pesky leaks. They can get started in a faulty supply line in the tank, or, worst case scenario, they can cause a messy overflow from the bowl. Keep an eye out for unsightly stains that may be caused by slow leaks. Check the tank and back of the toilet annually, and replace any worn components before they start a problem. If you do find that your toilet is leaking, taking the following steps can put a stop to it!

  • Open the toilet’s tank lid.
  • Close the flapper.
  • Lift up the ball.
  • Shut down the wall stop.
  • Call a plumber for help!

Washing Machine – This is an appliance that does a lot of hard work, shaking and spinning as it washes and rinses, so it’s only natural to expect that eventually something is going to come loose! The best practice is to replace its hoses every four years and check the connections for problems at least once a year. One good trick to prevent leaks is to shut the water off from the house supply when not in use! If your washing machine develops a serious leak or other problem it’s time to call your local plumber!

The Australian Government often sponsors programs to help people keep their homes in good repair, for example, this one in Queensland to promote home resilience. Good luck keeping those pesky leaks from happening, and we hope your home remains nice and dry!

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