Plants From The Grocery Store: Jerusalem Artichoke

This is my Jerusalem artichoke plant, otherwise known as the sunchoke. I love Jerusalem artichokes so I’m excited that the plant is doing so well.
(And before you say anything, yes, I know Jerusalem artichoke plants can be invasive. That’s why it’s in its own pot on the end of the garden.)
Jerusalem artichokes grow much like potatoes. If all goes well, that pot should be full of tubers that I can dig up in the fall.
Early this spring, I looked all over for Jerusalem artichokes to plant and couldn’t find any seed tubers in the nurseries or hardware store. Finally I asked a friend where she got her Jerusalem artichoke to plant and she told me she bought one from the grocery store and planted it. Duh!
So that’s what I did. I went to the organic section of my grocery store, bought a Jerusalem artichoke, and put it in a pot. So far so good. The plant seems pretty happy. It likes a lot of water and a lot of light, and pests mostly leave it alone.

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