Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

If you’re shopping for your father this Christmas, then you might be considering something with a personal message or engraving. It’s a practical and popular way of making an ordinary gift that little bit extraordinary, and there are a multitude of online stores willing to perform the service, while selling you the item in question.

So, if you’re thinking about a personalised gift for your dad, what’s the best way to shop for one?


The perfect card

A Christmas card is perhaps the most obvious place to get a message across. Go for a personalised Christmas card, and make sure that you include a message that’s tailored to fit. This doesn’t mean it has to be a long message – just that it needs to be non-generic.

Bar accessories

If your dad enjoys the occasional tipple, then the drinks industry is rife with options for personalised gifts. Since you can engrave glass, you might look into a bottle of his favourite spirit. On the other hand, customised coasters, cocktail shakers, and tea towels might make a great impression on the liquor cabinet or home bar.

Desk accessories

For the dad that does a lot of work at home, a desk accessory might go down very nicely. These come in various types. A letter-opener is one of those items that might get a surprising amount of use – and which is perfect for personalisation. On the other hand, a picture frame that bears a unique engraving might be just what’s required to remind Dad of how much his offspring appreciate him. 

The options don’t end there. Notebooks, pens, desk-organisers: they all might benefit from a little bit of personalisation.

Personal wearable accessories

There are certain items that your dad might carry with him everywhere he goes. These include wristwatches, pocket-watches, tie clips and cufflinks. Each of these is perfect for a personalised engraving. Just make sure that you bear in mind the items he’s likely to want to wear, and shop accordingly.

Sports equipment

If dad has a passion for a certain kind of sport, then it makes sense to shop for equipment that’s engraved. The popular choices here are golf clubs, balls, tees and bags. But you might equally go for something with broader appeal, like a reusable bottle for drinks. If you’re stuck for inspiration, then try to investigate the equipment he already has. Don’t try to get too specific – he’ll probably have a better idea of what he really needs than you do.

Games and puzzles

Of course, engraving isn’t the extent of personalisation. You might also get a little bit more creative, and incorporate treasured photos into jigsaw puzzles, or buy a stuffed toy that’s wearing a personalised t-shirt. Again, this is something that the right website will make simple for you.

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