Pay $6.95 For Your Eyeglasses

I’m back! Sorry for the break. I had some other work that I had to get finished, but now I’m done and back to posting.
I wanted to share this site I ran into. A lot of people have to buy their glasses out of pocket, which can get pretty expensive. Zenni Optical has dozens of cheap eyeglasses options, some as low as $6.95 for the frames. (Of course, you may have to pay for the lenses too.)
For that price, I’m sure the quality isn’t the best. Then again, for that price, it may be worth the risk to find out.

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9 thoughts on “Pay $6.95 For Your Eyeglasses”

  1. Actually you don’t have to pay for lenses if you get the basic lenses. I get “back up” glasses for my child, who is rough on glasses and frames, from Zenni. And I get the free lenses. I also typically order several pairs of blank frames (at half the w/ lens price) to have on hand for when he breaks a frame. It has proven to be a wonderful blessing.

  2. Oh, and the quality has been the equivalent of the local stores. Low price frames from Zenni are the same as the low price frames locally (just less expensive). But they actually hold up pretty well if you keep the user in mind when you buy.

  3. I got him two pairs a couple of months ago. In bright colored plastics so that I could find them when they “disappeared” outside. They’ve held up well so far. But I make sure to order spring hinges because he will bend the temples back.

  4. I bought my latest pair of glasses from here. I DID pay extra for expedited shipping, but it was totally worth it. I am REALLY hard on glasses, and these ones have not scratched, bent or broken yet ( got them in November) They have trendy styles too 🙂


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