Our Top 5 Hacks For Easy Home Cleaning

Want to get your home looking beautiful without the effort? With recent studies revealing that over seven in ten people admit that cleaning helps them feel happy, it’s clear that getting things clean and tidy promotes positive wellbeing. In the following guide, we’ve outlined a few of the best ways to bust the dust and grime while saving on time and energy.

1. Choose quality products

cleaning equipment

The quality and thoroughness of your cleaning will be determined by the products you use, so it’s crucial to choose and use quality cleaning solutions. 

While shopping for cleaning supplies, don’t just choose the cheapest product on the shelf. Take the time to make an informed, purposeful decision by reading genuine customer reviews.

You might also benefit from choosing timesavers, too. For instance, instead of using the long-winded method of lemon and vinegar to clean limescale, use an effective anti-limescale spray like Viakal. 

2. Clean your machines

Even though they do the dirty work for you, all household appliances need cleaning at some point too. You can usually buy washing machine and dishwasher cleaning solutions in any supermarket, but occasionally it might be necessary to use stronger chemicals or bleach to get the job done.

Don’t forget that you always need to protect your skin when you’re dealing with strong chemicals. You can buy specialist hand protection from RS, experts in domestic and trade cleaning solutions.

3. Do your dishes regularly

Never let your dirty dishes build up in the sink and on the countertop surrounding it. 

Not only is this unsightly and inconvenient, but after just a couple of days could quickly turn your kitchen into an unhygienic environment. Try to do your washing and drying up as soon as you’ve finished eating, leaving a tidy, pleasant environment for your next cooking session.

4. Use this clever trick for your sofa

Tired of scrubbing the sofa to no avail? We know a handy tip to make the process a breeze:

  • Soak a tea towel in a solution of hot water, detergent and washing up liquid
  • Wrap the tea towel taut around the base of a saucepan lid
  • With the handle facing up, scrub the saucepan lid and tea towel combo along the sofa
  • Watch as dirt and grime lifts seamlessly, cleansed by the vacuum you’ve created

5. Let gadgets do it for you

robot cacuum

If you can’t find the time to clean and you’d rather not hire a cleaner, investing in smart cleaning technology could be the best course of action. Clever gadgets like this robot vacuum cleaner are designed to make your life easier by doing chores for you.

With an impressive run time of up to 100 minutes when fully charged, this hoover will automatically detect obstacles and stairs – and can effortlessly clean under the sofa, too.

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