Organizing On The Cheap: Make Your Own Drawer Dividers

As part of my New Year’s Resolution to organize my house, I brought some spring-loaded drawer dividers that let you add custom-made compartments to any drawer. The ones I bought were 4 dividers for $17, which adds up fast.
Still, dividing drawers up into compartments proved to be so useful that I’ve been trying to divide every drawer I have. I’ve done well with Dollar Tree compartments and boxes, but nothing has worked quite as well as a customized drawer divider.
So why not make my own?
Here’s a good example using these guys:
WP 001563
They turned into this:
It seems like you can do a lot with wood, a saw, and glue. For example, check this one out.
IMG 5008
But if you can’t do something permanent, you can do the same thing with cardboard. For example:
It’s a cardboard insert!
cardboard insert2

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