Mood-Boosting Lifestyle Activities You May Just Want To Try In 2023

There’s no denying the fact that the last few years have been particularly challenging for many of us. Ever since 2020 dawned, bringing the pandemic in its wake, we have faced an ongoing series of obstacles, restrictions, heartaches, fears, and physical, political, and financial hardships – not to mention our fair share of sanity-sapping housebound boredom! 

As a result, many of us may be feeling particularly frazzled these days, and more eager than ever to find activities and experiences that can help us rediscover the simple pleasures in life. Some of us may also be keen to start introducing some healthier lifestyle changes into our lives to boost our minds and bodies and give us more strength and energy to pursue those fun-filled new hobbies. 

The great news is, there are so many unique, stimulating, and creative activities out there for us to explore and sample in 2023. So without further ado, let’s unveil some of the top mood-boosting activities you may want to consider attempting this year. You may just discover a new lifelong passion you never knew you had!

Grow Your Own Plant Babies

Growing Plants

If you have always thought of gardening as a preserve of the elderly or the rural, then it’s time to shake up your perceptions. The truth is that anyone, anywhere, of any age, can become a keen gardener – and reap many physical and mental benefits as a result. 

You don’t even need to have your own garden to do it! You can put your name down for an allotment of your own, volunteer at a local gardening organisation, or start growing your own plant babies on a warm and sunny windowsill. 

While learning how to grow your own fruits and veg or glorious cut flowers is a great way to reconnect with the soil and nourish yourself from within, there are other quirkier forms of gardening you can explore too. Vertical gardens, anyone? Sowing seeds in pretty patterned teacups from your local charity shop? Experimenting with weird and wonderful plant species? 

The fact is, gardening never has to be dull or uninspired, and the advantages it will bring your mind and body undoubtedly make it an activity worth pursuing.

Give Gua Sha A Go

Many of us love a massage, either professionally provided or DIY. Massage helps us to relax, soothes stress, eases physical aches and pains, and can improve our skin. If you’re a keen devotee, then you may want to experiment with a time-honoured Chinese technique known as gua sha

Translated as “to scrape wind”, gua sha involves using a pretty rose quartz or jade stone to rub across your oiled skin with the aim of removing toxins, stimulating blood flow, and relieving aches, pains, and stiffness. 

The technique is relatively simple, and if you try it at a couple of times a week for a few weeks, you may just find yourself with firmer and more glowing skin. At the very least, you will have added a relaxing self-care ritual to your weekly routine!

Ditch The Cigs And Try An Elf Bar

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to try and give something up, as well as start something new. Maybe you want to cut down on your Mars Bar habit and swap to dark chocolate rice cakes, or stop drinking so many glasses of wine after a taxing day at the office. 

If it’s your smoking habit that you want to work on reducing, then you may want to consider giving vaping a try using an elf bar. Elf bars and other types of vape pens, such as those produced by Grey Haze, provide a healthier alternative to cigarettes, which you can use to reduce your nicotine intake slowly but surely. 

If you’re keen to give it a try, take the Grey Haze vaping start kit quiz to find out which vape pens will work best for you, and you can start saying goodbye to those harmful ciggies for good. 

Take A Mystic Turn

Are you one of those people who love to stay abreast of the cultural zeitgeist? Perhaps you’ve been feeling some unexplained urges and longings that you’re trying to address, or maybe you’re simply keen to embrace a new vision of the world that can make it seem like a more magical and meaningful place. 

If so, then you have probably already become familiar with the increasingly popular TikTok subculture known as WitchTok. This alternative wellness movement is part of a more widespread drive toward various mystical practices that are quickly taking root, not just in the UK but around the world – most likely as a response to the fear, difficulty, and uncertainty of the 21st century. 

Those of a mystical bent may find a fair share of comfort, enjoyment – and, yes, fun – in learning some new witchy ways; from learning how to read the Tarot to casting spells, using crystal grids for healing, and reconnecting with nature by growing traditional witchcraft ingredients in the backyard. Using WitchTok as your inspiration – not to mention the abundance of books, magazines, and YouTube tutorials on the subject – you can connect with your inner mystic and discover a whole new way of seeing and interacting with the world around you. 

Get Crafty


You may not consider yourself a particularly creative or crafty person; you know, the type who can knit a scarf, crochet a doily, or knot a macrame plant hanger at the drop of a hat. But maybe that’s just because you’ve never been confident enough to give it a try! 

There are so many fun-filled and creative crafting activities out there for you to experiment with, and until you do, you will never know how enjoyable they truly are or what hidden talents you may possess. 

Start off small with a few beginner craft kits or perhaps a scrapbooking set, and before you know it, you could be on your way to setting up your own Etsy account and selling your unique handicrafts to eager buyers. At the very least, you could discover a new and fulfilling hobby that allows you to channel your creativity in new and novel ways. You may even find that crafting helps you to reduce stress, lifts your mood, soothes anxiety – and brings a big grin to your face. 

Unlocking the Art of Lock Picking

Exploring the craft of unlocking lock picks can be an entertaining and stimulating activity that can boost your mood and develop your skills. With the proper tools and knowledge of various techniques, you can acquire the ability to pick a variety of locks, including padlocks, deadbolts, and car doors, in case of a lockout. One popular option among lock pickers is using a sparrow pick set, renowned for its high-quality construction and precision engineering. Whether looking to improve your home security or challenge yourself with a new hobby, lock picking can provide a satisfying experience that can enhance your mental agility. Trying it out and seeing how it can brighten up your day-to-day life can be a great way to explore the hobby of lock picking.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s nothing to lose, and possibly everything to gain, by welcoming some cute and quirky crafting activities into your free time in 2023.

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