Marketing Hacks to Gain Instagram Live Views

Video marketing has become the main trend of 2023. Short clips, streams, long videos – all these formats have firmly entered our online life and will be at the peak of popularity for a long time. Insta live is no exception – today it’s one of the best ways to stabilize relationships with your customers and followers, answer the most frequently asked questions and introduce users to your brand or personal blog. 

Live broadcasts on Instagram have become to some extent a new opportunity to improve engagement and build a loyal base of followers. But there is one catch – attracting viewers to the stream is much more difficult than getting views for Reels or IGTV. Such formats are faster and simpler, they don’t require much time and attention, unlike streams. That’s why getting interactions on streams can be a real challenge for creators. 

However, we know how to help you improve your metrics and get the most out of IG live. In today’s article, we have collected 3 effective methods of getting live views without a headache.

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1. Using third-party service

Third-party support from professional companies is like a guarantee that you’ll receive the desired views on time and in the right amount. Such services are provided by advertising companies that help influencers and entrepreneurs improve their metrics and engagement. Follow the link to learn more: Why is this method the first on our list? The answer is simple – it is the most efficient and labor-intensive compared to the others. 

You can be one hundred percent sure of the result if the company provides real guarantees. That is, to some extent you delegate this task to specialists, and now they’ll work on your statistics and views. 

Such services are appreciated by both experienced creators and newcomers, because providers free up time for you for equally important things, such as creating a content plan, forming an influential voice on the Internet space and interacting with users.

Plus, it is important to understand that all views are genuine from a decent company. They come from real active IG users, and this is absolutely a legal option.

2. Promote your live events 

Motivation is one of the key things to promote your streams and attract viewers. There is nothing better than to interest your audience in advance and offer them something unusual, useful or informative that they’ll want to visit. There are a lot of possibilities for this on the platform: you can use Stories, Posts, or even Reels to draw attention to the upcoming live event. 

Start the promotion about a week before, but don’t overdo it. Your feed should not be like an advertisement for a stream, don’t forget about the main content and publish it regularly. You can pin a post about a live event in the feed and add a separate highlight “stream” so that users are aware, but the content doesn’t bother them. 

Announce the main details: date, time, topic and guest, if there is one. Leave a little intrigue and don’t tell all the surprises in advance, just share a few hints, it motivates users.

3. Invite viewers through DM

Last tip: Feel free to write to your loyal subscribers. Send them a small invitation message in a friendly way. Such actions endear users to the brand/influencer and look more personal than anything else. Good luck!

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