Make Your Own Oil With An Oil Press

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I want to make my own oil with a Piteba Oil Press. This $149 gadget allows you to make oil from many nuts and seeds, including sunflower seeds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, grape seed, even watermelon seed. I’m dying to try it.
The way it works is you mount the oil press to a board, light the candle/wick to heat it up, put in the seeds/nuts, and crank out the oil. Here’s a video demonstrating it in action.

This machine would especially pay off if you had a free source of seeds and nuts. For example, if I get one:
* I’ll look into getting free grape seeds from a local winery (I already sent an email to a friend who works at a winery asking about this).
* I’ll grow a bunch of sunflowers next year for the seed.
* I’ll ask my neighbor for walnuts in exchange for some of the oil.
* I’ll try making oil with pumpkin seeds, mustard seeds, and whatever else I can think of.
This machine doesn’t work with fruit, including olives. It does say you can run dried olives (minus the pits) through the machine to get olive oil, which might be worth it. I’m not sure.
Have you ever made your own oil?

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