Keeping Leafminers Off Spinach With Mesh Food Covers

Leafminers are disgusting pests. They are fly maggots that burrow into the leaves and eat them from the inside out. It looks like this:
As soon as I tried to have spinach in my garden this year, the flies were immediately there trying to lay their gross eggs on it. So I found a solution: I had mesh food covers with my barbeque supplies. I popped them over the spinach and voila! The flies couldn’t get to the spinach.
It also had the added benefit of giving the spinach more shade, which may prolong their growing season.

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  1. Hi, I just logged onto your site. I was looking at something on Pinterest when I saw it. I really like your garden pictures and the mesh coverings for spinach is a great idea. I don’t see your name anywhere, but that is probably because I have not looked close enough. Hope you continue. Is there any way that you can email me your site. I know once I close this, I will never find you again ☺ I am not very computer literate. Again, love your site. Linda matz from beautiful Whidbey Island off the coast of Washington State.


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