Keep Drawer Organizers From Sliding With Adhesive Velcro

I love these pen organizers from the Dollar Tree–as I have demonstrated here and here. I also use them to hold my pens in my desk drawer. The problem was that every time I opened the drawer, the organizers slid around and messed up my pens. It was annoying.
Professional organizers use museum putty to solve this problem. They stick a little bit of putty underneath the organizer so it doesn’t move around. I didn’t have any museum putty, but I did have this:
This is adhesive velcro. It has a tacky back on each side that can stick to most surfaces. I put it on the back of my organizers and stuck them to the bottom of the drawer. Hurrah! No more sliding.
The whole project took five minutes. Here’s how to do it:
1. Measure the organizer
2. Cut two pieces of velcro to the size of the organizer.
3. Stick one piece of velcro to the back of the organizer.
4. Stick the other piece to the velcro, like so:
5. Peel the backing off the velcro.
6. Carefully press the organizer back into the drawer where you want it to stay in place.
That’s it. No more sliding organizers in the drawer.

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