Is CBD Oil a Good Option for Dogs?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a wonder cannabinoid of cannabis, believed to possess remarkable healing properties. People use it to address a myriad of medical conditions. But can you use CBD for dogs as well? CBD has been found to have an extensive list of benefits for humans as well as pets, and no major side effects are associated with it. 

CBD is generally safe for dogs and can be found in various forms on the market. However, you need to be careful while using it. Stick around to learn more about using CBD for dogs.


Use Of CBD For Dogs:

Does CBD work for dogs? Yes, CBD works for dogs as well; however, the effects greatly depend on the individual factors of your pet. Here’s how CBD can improve your dog’s overall well-being.

1. Helps With Pain

Although THC is not recommended for dogs, CBD works fine for them. Especially if your dog is suffering from a medical condition like arthritis, CBD can be your dog’s best friend. You can try CBD for pain in dogs. 

2. Reduces Seizures

Dogs can face medical conditions that are characterized by seizures due to many underlying causes. Well, using CBD for dogs can help reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures. However, many users report that CBD is effective when paired with other anti-seizure medications. CBD is safe to use, and using it with conventional medications makes them even more effective. 

3. Behavioral Issues

Behavioral issues are common in dogs. Typically, these can be caused by mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression. How can you make your dog calm and happy again? Well, CBD can greatly help with issues related to dogs’ mental health and behavior. It helps them feel relieved and calm, solving all their behavioral problems. If you want to see your beloved pooch all delighted again, go for CBD.

4. Helps Fight Cancer

Are CBD treats good for dogs with cancer? CBD is found to have miraculous effects that can reduce the growth of tumors and help cope with the side effects of chemotherapy. 

How Much CBD Can I Give My Dog?

You can even use topical treatments for your dogs; however, oral doses are more commonly preferred by pet owners. Oral doses require careful dosing, as overdosing can adversely affect your little pooch. 

Can you give dogs CBD? Yes, you can, but the real question is the amount of CBD you can safely give your dog. CBD dosing recommendations vary by different manufacturers. For example, NuLeaf Naturals suggests giving two drops (6 mg CBD) per 25 pounds, while CBDistillery recommends using a few drops of a CBD tincture as a starting dose.

Whenever you try to treat a condition, dosing is the key element. Here are general recommendations for dosing CBD. 

  • Do not overdo it in the beginning, as you might not be sure about what will work the best. In that case, sticking to a smaller dose is the key. You can keep track of the effects and manage the doses accordingly. 
  • Anything around 2-8 mg per kg is found to be an ideal dose to begin with. Do not hesitate to consult an expert for better suggestions. 

Final Thoughts 

Get your hands on CBD dog treats today to improve your dog’s overall well-being. Make sure to take an adequate amount of caution while using it. Remember that overdosing can lead to unwanted effects and can even be dangerous for the pet.

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