Improve The Safety Of Your House With These Useful Tips

Everyone’s home should be their castle, and as such, you expect it to keep you safe from outside threats, human or otherwise. However, too many homeowners treat home security as an afterthought, and outside of installing some cheap locks from Walmart, they tend to leave the rest to fate. However, this is a terrible attitude to have since most home invasions occur at a home the invader deems to be the most accessible. Thieves are inherently risk-averse and usually go for the house that appears to be the easiest to break into. While you don’t need to spend a fortune to turn your home into the American embassy in Baghdad, there are some steps you should take to lower the risk and reduce the chances of coming home to an empty shell of a home stripped of your most valuable belongings.

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Add Deadbolts On All Exterior Doors

Adding deadbolts to your home’s exterior doors is one of the most important steps you can take if you are genuinely serious about increasing the safety of your abode. Unlike regular doorknob locks, deadbolts are much harder to pick or otherwise tamper with, making them a great deterrent against burglars. Make sure to install high-quality options with heavy-duty steel bolts that penetrate the door’s frame and strike plates reinforced with extra-long screws. 

Remember that no matter the material or quality of the deadbolt, if you install them incorrectly or use inferior fittings, you will create a weak point that can be exploited. The upgrade will cost more than standard doorknob locks, but it is worth it in the long run. In most cases, you can use your cheapest local locksmith, who will have the requisite skills to install everything correctly. The best part is that you need not sacrifice the style of your door since you can find deadbolts in various styles and finishes that you can select to match your home’s decor. For added security measures, consider installing additional locks such as keyed entry knobs and chain latches.

Install Motion Sensor Lights Outside Of Your Home

As previously mentioned, thieves tend to be more risk-averse than most people believe. In almost all cases, if they think a house isn’t worth the risk of breaking into, they will leave it alone and continue to prowl for one that appears less secure. Among the top ways to achieve this state is by installing motion sensor lighting at key points around your home. These are sensors that will turn on the lights when they sense movement, with the aim of sacring away opportunists. While they certainly aren’t fool-proof and won’t stop a determined thief, for a relatively small outlay, they’re more likely to work than without them. Nevertheless, be thoughtful of your neighbors and avoid using incredibly high-wattage bulbs or pointing them too high.

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Install Window Locks To Secure All Windows

Securing your doors with deadbolts is one thing, but if you want to ensure 100% security, you need to consider your windows. Although most modern windows can withstand reputed blows from a hammer, almost all experienced thieves will look for ways to pry them open silently in order to gain entry. Therefore, replace all of your old locals with modern ones and make sure to keep them locked at all times when you’re asleep or away.

Set Up A Security System With Motion Detectors And Alarms

If you want to up your security game and not only keep your home safe but also catch any would-be thief, you might consider installing a dedicated security system replete with cameras and alarms. When it comes to these solutions, there are plenty of options, ranging from the most basic to systems that will contact private security providers who will send guards to your home if they suspect anything untoward. If you go down this route, it’s worth investing a bit more than you might otherwise want to because the top solutions will include higher-resolution cameras and better-tuned sensors and alarms. Moreover, you should opt for those that connect to your internet so you can access the feed from your smartphone and see what’s going on when you’re away.


Keep Your Valuables Out Of Sight From Windows And Doors

The most fundamental security measure you can take to ensure your home is safe is to keep your valuable items hidden from view. This might be a hassle at first, but once you get into the habit, you will never look back. Think of your home like you would your car. You wouldn’t leave a phone or laptop sitting on the seat for all and sundry to see, so why would you do the same in your house?

Create A Neighborhood Watch Program With Your Neighbors

Many folks believe these programs are a waste of time since they don’t have any teeth regarding security. However, you’d be surprised at how effectively they can deter crime in a neighborhood. Aside from deterrence, they can provide the community with peace of mind that others have their back if things go down. You can meet once a month to discuss matters and keep everyone up to date regarding suspicious activity.

Make Sure Your Garage Is Secure

Your home is only as safe as its weakest link; if you have a garage, that will likely be it. Don’t make the mistake of spending a fortune securing your home but neglecting the one area that’s easiest to gain entry. Modern garage doors are more secure than the old models – you can check Family Christian Doors latest and sturdy doors design.You can choose to install an electric garage door which is usually pretty robust or opt for conventional locks. Whatever you do, try to make it visible to discourage villains from attempting entry via your garage.

Have A Fire Extinguisher Readily Available In Case Of Emergency

All the talk about safety makes it easy to overlook your home’s most significant danger, fire. No matter how many locks or cameras you have installed, you will still lose everything if your home goes up in flames. The best thing you can do is purchase a range of fire extinguishers to handle the most common fires that could occur, such as electrical or flammable liquids.

Keeping your home safe takes more than installing a lock; it takes a keen eye and an understanding of where your vulnerabilities lie. By taking the advice in this post, you should be able to make your home as secure as possible while retaining its aesthetic value.

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