IKEA Hyllis Greenhouse For Your Indoor Garden – A Complete Guide

Are you thinking about making a greenhouse for your indoor garden? If you want something cheap to start you off, you cannot go wrong with IKEA Hyllis Greenhouse. The IKEA Hyllis shelf unit costs around $20, so it is worth giving a shot.

It is one of the many IKEA hacks you can find online. People are always trying to find a way to turn a cheap IKEA cabinet into something more. Today, we will talk about how you can turn it into an indoor greenhouse with incredible results.

Fun fact, in 2019, a woman online started the hashtag IKEAGreenhouseCabinet, evolving into a popular Instagram page.

This IKEA Hyllis Greenhouse is perfect for flower pots on a balcony, or for some exciting herbs in a kitchen. It is sturdy, lightweight, and approved for wet areas. What more can you ask for?

How big is the IKEA Hyllis Shelf?

DIY IKEA Hyllis Greenhouse

When you are talking about a cabinet you want to turn into a greenhouse garden, you have to start with dimensions.

How big is the shelf unit? What are the measurements and dimensions? Well, the IKEA Hyllis greenhouse cabinet is quite big, to be honest.

It comes in different sizes. The three available sizes are 15 3/4×10 5/8×72″, 23 5/8×10 5/8×29 1/8″, and 23 5/8×10 5/8×55 1/8″.

Should you buy one?

Now let’s talk about how to turn the IKEA shelf unit into a cabinet. This cabinet can be turned into a mini greenhouse that will protect your houseplants over the winter.

When it comes to an indoor greenhouse, for a lot of people, price is the deciding factor. What is your budget? To be honest, a DIY project from an IKEA cabinet is always a good option, even if you have a bigger budget.

Now, there is a big difference between a DIY greenhouse like the Hyllis one, and a metal shelving unit. The IKEA Hyllis Greenhouse has a shelf weight capacity between 20 to 30 pounds, while the metal shelving unit has a 200+ pounds capacity.

Depending on how many houseplants you want to store, and whether you need it to be portable or not, you might not need casters at all. Furniture sliders work just fine when you want to move the DIY greenhouse to your indoor spot.

To make one, you need some accessory items like grow lights, drip pans, hydrometer, mini fans, and more depending on your needs. Here is a quick pros and cons breakdown of buying a ready-made metal storage unit for your greenhouse.


  • The structure and a fitted cover are included
  • Can be used outside if properly secured
  • Has a higher shelf capacity


  • Metal tubes for the frame can bend or crack under pressure
  • The shelves cannot be adjusted higher or lower
  • Usually comes with a higher price tag

Make Your Own DIY Green House

Now, the beauty is that you can make your own sturdy portable greenhouse with an IKEA Hyllis shelf unit. You can make it sturdier by using a metal wire shelving if you like. What you have to remember is that this greenhouse works best near the window and under the grow lights.

For seedlings and plants that need higher humidity, you can tape on inexpensive plastic drop cloths to the back and sides. For the front of the shelves, one section of the plastic drop cloth is cut so that it covers the top and front of the shelving. When you need access to plants, roll it.

For other plants that do not need as much humidity, tape on light reflective mylar sheets to the back and sides of the shelves. They will reflect light from the window and two plants grow lights.

With that in mind, what are the pros and cons of your DIY IKEA Hyllis Greenhouse?


  • You can adjust the shelving
  • You can use it as a storage unit when you do not need it for plants
  • The price is quite cheap


  • You cannot use it outside when the area is subject to rain
  • You have to make your own cover

What can you grow inside?

Anything you like. You can use the IKEA Greenhouse for any type of plant your heart desires. Now, a good idea is to use it for indoor salad gardening in mind. Having fresh greens on hand is one of the best ways to get your healthy nutrients. It will also help you enhance your meals year-round. With an indoor small greenhouse, salad greens are always possible, not just during the summer.

Now, remember, a salad garden might require a bit more space. And this is where your indoor greenhouse comes into play.

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