How To Patch A Hole In Your Wall

My husband had to cut a hole in our wall when he was hanging the flat screen TV to pull some wires through. Last night, we patched the hole.
As far as I know, there are two ways to patch a hole in your drywall: cut another piece of drywall out and put it in the hole, or use a wall repair patch–a wire grid that sticks over the hole. In this case, we used a wall repair patch. Here’s how we did it:

You will need:

    One wall repair patch
    Putty knife
    Joint compound

1. Match the size of the patch to your hole, making sure the patch is bigger. Peel off the back of the patch, which is sticking on the back, and put it over the hole.
2. Open your joint compound and stir it with the putty knife.
3. Load the putty knife and begin applying the joint compound to the hole.
You want to keep doing this until you can no longer see the metal grid of the patch and the putty is smooth and flush with the wall.
4. If your wall is textured, you’ll need to texture a bit so that the patch will match the rest of the wall. Turn the putty knife perpendicular to the patch and lightly skip it across to create the texture.
5. Let the joint compound dry. When it’s dry, there should be no lumps, and no sign of the grid underneath. It should blend perfectly into the wall.
(The Savvy Housekeeper’s camera did not like taking a picture of a white wall.)
If there are cracks: You’ve put too much joint compound on. Gently sand it down and reapply as needed.
If there are air bubbles: You didn’t stir the joint compound enough.
If you can see the metal grid of the patch: You didn’t apply enough joint compound.
6. Voila! You have a nice pretty wall again. Now all you have to do is paint the patch to match your wall color.

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