How To Fix A Shower Door That Won’t Close?

What can you do when the shower door won’t stay closed? What are some easy repairs? We have you covered. When the shower door won’t close or stay closed, you can either try to solve to problem yourself or call for a professional. The former will take some time and use your DIY skills, while the latter will cost you a few hundred dollars.

Today, we will explain how to fix a shower door that won’t close by yourself. Once you identify the main problem, there are easy solutions and easy repairs.

Usually, a shower door will not close due to loose and worn-out screws, hinges, and latches, as well as dirt on the frame and worn-out magnetic strips. So, let’s talk.

Why your shower door won’t stay closed?

Shower Door

Here is a quick breakdown of all the reasons why your shower door will not stay closed.

  • Loose screws in the hinges, latches, or handles
  • Accumulation of dirt in the hinges
  • Accumulation of dirt where the doors meet each other on the wall
  • Dirt, misalignment, or poorly adjusted clamp in a sliding shower
  • Damage or demagnetization of the magnetic strip that keeps the doors together
  • Shower door isn’t on a flat horizontal plane

Now, do not worry, there is a solution and fix for each and every problem. We will try to explain every problem and solution separately. Let’s see how to fix a shower door that won’t close.

How to keep a glass shower door closed?

Let’s begin at the start. How to keep a glass shower door closed? We talked about some of the reasons why you cannot keep it closed above. And for every problem, there is a solution.

For example, if you have loose screws, simply tighten the screws on the hinges, handles, and latches of the frameless glass door. All you need is a screwdriver and a couple of minutes of your time.

If the shower door is dirty, we have a simple DIY solution. Mix white vinegar and water in equal parts, and then spray it on the sliding tracks and hinges of the door. Leave it for 15 minutes, and then scrub with a toothbrush. Rinse with clean water. If you are dealing with tough stains, use a tougher brush.

If you have a misaligned sliding shower door or rollers, you need to remove it from its rail first. Clean it with vinegar, and then realign in the rail. Tighten any loose parts such as nuts and bolts.

If you have a door with a damaged magnetic strip, you need to attach a new magnetic strip. Here is a step-by-step complete guide. Remove the loose screw holding the door handle on the inside, and clean the area that will be occupied by the magnetic strip. Measure the size of the strip and then cut it into shape.

Continue by applying glue on the back of the magnet and the shower door. Place the magnet on the door and wait for it to dry. It should then work properly.

The only problem you might need to call a professional for is when a horizontal plane is not done well. It has to be reinstalled afresh by a professional.

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How to fix a shower door that sticks

Sometimes, your shower door will stick. To stop it, here are some things you can do. Start by tightening any loose screws, bolts, and nuts on the shower door. If any of them are damaged, replace them.

This process should take you no more than 30 minutes.

If the door is sticking due to soap scum or dirt, use the vinegar and water technique. If you are not satisfied with the results, repeat the technique again until you get the results you want.

Swinging shower door won’t stay closed

We talked about how to fix a shower door that won’t close. The same applies to a swinging shower door. Usually, swinging, hinged, or pivot shower doors that do not close are due to loose, stuck shower door hinges, or dirt on the floor.

You can repair the swinging sower doors by tightening the screws using a screwdriver. Yet, if they are damaged, you need to repair them. Hinges play an important role and any problem with them will cause a malfunction in the door, including not staying closed or not closing at all.

Shower door has dropped

This is another problem that might occur. Usually, a door drops when the shower door hinges are loose or if it has fallen out of its rail. The latter happens with sliding doors.

It is a problem because your door will not close or can even fall off. You can get a replacement if the manufacturer has provided a warranty. Of course, provided your warranty hasn’t expired.

How to fix a shower door that has dropped? You can adjust the shower door by placing flat pieces of wood under the door and then loosening the screws at the top and bottom. Adjust the space between the shower door and the walls at the brackets holding the door.

Once you have the right adjustment, tighten the screws. You need to hold the door in place. Make sure that the space between the panels is even from the top to the bottom.

How to Fix a Shower Door Hinge

Your shower door hinge can stop working properly because of grease and/or soap buildup. If that is the case, the shower door will start making screechy noise while opening or closing. The dirt on the hinge causes the door to get out of level. So make sure to repair the shower door hinge quickly.

You can do that by cleaning the hinges using a vinegar and water solution. If you have grease buildup, use WD-40 and then rinse with water. This will bring the door back working to perfect condition.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Shower Door?

Why should you even bother about how to fix a shower door that won’t stay close? Well, if you have money to spare, do not. But calling a professional can cost you anywhere between $200 and $600. That includes inspection and identifying the problem, and then repair.

Now think about how much money you can save by fixing the problem on your own. Just calling someone to assess the problem will cost you a few hundred dollars, without the repair.

Safety Tips for Shower Doors

Now let’s talk about some safety tips when it comes to shower doors. Working shower doors come with a set of responsibilities. Here are some precautions that will prevent problems like the shower door not closing.

  • Do not slam the shower door
  • Spray the hinges and railings with WD-40 as part of your regular cleaning routine
  • Tell the kids to follow instructions as well, and remind them how to be careful with the shower door
  • Clean the shower after you take a bath

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