2 thoughts on “How Much Would You Save If You Ditched Cable?”

  1. I’ve been cable-free for a decade now and never really missed a thing. I hated paying $100/month for the 5-6 channels I actually watched when there wasn’t much on anyway. I especially hated the fact that television programming is getting shorter and shorter while commercial breaks get longer (a 1/2 hour program is now 1/3+ commercials!). I hate being advertised to, I prefer to make up my own mind about what I need and what brands I like. I switched to Netflix and at $8/month I get as many shows & movies as I need without anyone telling me what to buy.
    Cable alone in Canada runs upwards of $100 for anything more than basic and upwards of $120 if you want movies. I save $92/month ($1104/year) and I find I don’t eat out as often or go shopping as often. The savings are obvious when you just compare one vs the other, but when you add in all the subliminal consumerism from brainwashing advertisements your savings skyrocket!
    How many items will your kids be bugging you to buy them if they never watch another commercial? How much happier would they be without TV telling them that they need this or that to be cool? Eliminate media in your child’s life entirely and you’d probably find that they are better behaved, happier and more easily entertained than ever before!

    • I’m in the same boat. We’ve saved thousands by not having TV or streaming services, and we never have to see ads or other unpleasantness from the TV. There’s nothing ever on, anyway.


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