How Moms Can Stay Sane Amid A Super-Busy Holiday Season

Holidays are the busiest time of the year for everyone. The struggle gets daunting for mommies juggling work, home, and childcare simultaneously. It is easy to feel stressed when you have to manage holiday party planning, gifts, and decorations as well. The workload doubles up when festive baking is at hand. You feel on the verge of burnout, and sanity seems to take a back seat. But the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season is a self-care plan. Here is one that can help you stay sane amid a super-busy holiday season.

mom and daughter drining tea

Eat a nutritious diet

Feeding your body well to keep it going during the jam-packed season. You cannot expect to handle the workload unless you have high energy levels. Stick with nutritious meals and ditch processed food and unhealthy snacks. As a rule, never skip a meal, no matter how tight your schedules get. Keep a box of nuts and seeds at hand to snack when you feel hungry and drained between meals.

Skip caffeine and alcohol

Holidays often mean more caffeine because you need it to perk up your energy levels. You may also indulge in alcoholic drinks during parties and dinners. Skip both as they can drain you and elevate stress levels. Opt for herbal tea during the day and drink lime soda instead of alcohol. You will feel energetic and healthy with these tasteful drinks. Not to mention, you get the benefits of weight loss with them.

Try cannabis for stress relief

The workload and winter blues can increase your anxiety levels. Parenting woes also get worse when kids have more demands during the holiday season. Thankfully, cannabis offers the natural stress relief you need to deal with these challenges. Research to find the right strain and stock up on the right accessories. You can check mind vapes as it offers the broadest range of E-Rigs and electric dab rigs online. Choose one that matches your skill level, and make sure it is discreet. Have a relaxing session when the kids are off to bed. 

Get your body moving

Exercise gets you a step closer to sanity during the holidays. It also keeps you ahead of the weight troubles that are a part of festive feasting. Just keep moving to look good and feel good throughout the season. Squeeze time for a morning walk or gym session. You can even pick a Pilates DVD to work out at home if going outdoors makes you feel cold and lazy during the snowy season. 

Catch up on sleep

Sleep can be elusive during festive days. But making conscious efforts to catch up with your fair share goes a long way in relieving stress. Clean up your sleep schedule by skipping late-night parties unless absolutely necessary. Avoid using your cellphone in bed and take a hot bath before sleeping. If you feel insomniac, a cannabis vape can help you with restful sleep too.

Mommies need to stay on top of self-care during holidays. After all, you have to plan perfect parties and manage gifts and guests lists. Follow these simple tips, and feel sane this season.

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