Homegrown VS Store Bought Egg

Thinking of getting chickens this spring? Here’s the main reason to do it: homegrown eggs taste amazing.
Here’s a visual representation of the difference.
On the left, an egg my chicken Rosie laid. On the right, an egg from the grocery store.

* Yolks orange * Yolks yellow
* Whites fluffy * Whites watery
* Cooks fast * Cooks slow
* Tastes 1000% better * Tastes fine

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2 thoughts on “Homegrown VS Store Bought Egg”

  1. We can’t have chickens in the city, municipal by-law against it 🙁 But we can get farm fresh eggs, maybe not delivered daily, but lots of farmers markets and local stores sell them. Where I grew up, our neighbours sold eggs so mom would send us over to get some. 🙂


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