Holiday Cheer Cocktail

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Last spring we made Champagne Lemon Floats by putting a scoop of homemade lemon sorbet in champagne. For the holidays, DIY Cocktails and I decided to take that one step forward with the Holiday Cheer Cocktail.
This cocktail uses raspberry sorbet, rye whiskey, and of course, champagne. All you do is put the sorbet and whiskey in a glass and pour the champagne over it. Voila, instant festivity.
We bought the sorbet, but you could make your own, or even use another flavor–I’m curious to try it with my cranberry sorbet.
If you want a sweeter drink, or if you just don’t like hard liquor, you can also omit the rye whiskey and make a Raspberry Champagne Float instead.

Holiday Cheer Cocktail

(makes one cocktail)


    1 scoop raspberry sorbet
    1 oz rye whiskey


Put a scoop of raspberry sorbet and the rye whiskey in a champagne glass. Slowly pour champagne over it until full. Enjoy!

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