Gutter Guards Vs Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are not only essential for roofs but also protect the structural integrity of walls, foundations, basements, and other parts of a building. As a result, they should be given their due attention.

This is why even the Australian Building Code Board has clear guidelines on how they should be installed and managed. Proper maintenance practices are required for keeping them in the right state and shape. This will also positively impact the state of other parts of the building.

Gutter cleaning is a necessity for this purpose. However, some people would like to think that using a gutter guard is also necessary. How true is this? Well, you are about to find out in this article. So, continue reading to find out more.

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Benefits of Gutter Guards Vs Gutter Cleaning

Gutter guards and gutter cleaning offer several benefits. Starting with the former, some of the benefits in question include the following:

Benefits of Gutter Guards

Prevents Blockage

They are installed to keep debris out. Their ability to do this greatly lowers the chances of blockages occurring. This means that there will not likely be a problem of water overflow. As a result, damages to walls, roofs, basements, and foundations caused by water overflow from this part of the roof will not arise.

Pest Control

Gutters usually seem to be a suitable breeding area for pests and even rodents. There are adverse health implications of this happening. This is besides the possibility of damage caused by these creatures. Fortunately, people can keep pests and rodents out by using this installation.

Reduced Maintenance

Its installation does not mean that professional cleaning is not required. They do a lot but not enough as some kinds of dirt can still find their way in. However, they greatly reduce the need for maintenance services. For example, rather than having this part of your roof cleaned 3 or 4 times a year, it could just be once or twice.

Great for Your Gutter

The lifespan of gutters is more likely to be extended when a guard is used. This is primarily because the problem of water overflow caused by debris buildup is mostly sorted out with this installation. This turns out to be cost-saving and also offers users so much convenience.

Improved Rainwater Harvesting

This installation can come in very handy in buildings where rainwater is harvested for practical uses. For starters, this is because it makes it possible to harvest quite a lot as there is very little or no buildup of debris causing clogging problems. This makes this installation highly suitable for areas that experience lots of rainfall.

Secondly, it ensures that the harvested rainwater is as clean as possible. This is because of minimal interference from debris, pests, and rodents.

Fire Prevention

As you may well know, many parts of Australia are prone to bushfires. This is especially during certain periods of the year. You can click here for more information about this.

This calls for building installations that help prevent or mitigate fire disasters. A gutter guard could be one such. This is because it prevents the buildup of debris on the roof; which can act as fuel during fire outbreaks.

Benefits of Professional Gutter Cleaning

Early Detection of Problems

The use of gutter guards (especially the right kinds) is strongly advised. However, this does not rule out the need for professional gutter cleaning services. For one, some problems can be hidden right underneath the installed guard.

These could be damaged sections of this part of the roof, leaks, or even rust. It is better if these problems are quickly sighted and resolved before they degenerate into something more severe. This is a reason to take professional gutter cleaning seriously as professional cleaners are in a good position to identify these problems.

Enhanced Performance

Hard as it is to get through installed guards, some debris still finds its way in. Well, such would not escape the gaze of professional cleaners. This leads to enhanced gutter performance as rainwater is effectively channeled without obstructions from debris.


Cleaning gutters on your own is not advised. This is not because it should not be cleaned. Rather, it is because of the dangers of cleaning at such heights. There is also the possibility of not doing a good enough job.

So, you should only trust professionals to handle this task. Of course, this is unless you are an expert yourself.

Types of Gutter Guards

Some of the options are named after the materials used in making them. Some are also named after their structure. By and large, some of the available types include the following:


Nylon sounds like a material that is very easy to penetrate. However, this kind is made using very fine and highly durable nylon material. This makes it possible to keep debris out using it.


It typically has a textured surface and is made using aluminum, as its name suggests. Its surface structure even makes it possible to keep debris away from its surface and not just the gutter itself. For the record, many experts and users opt for this type because it is very durable.


The ease at which professional cleaning can be carried out is one of the major highlights of this type. Easy access during cleaning is guaranteed as it can be easily lifted and pivoted. In other words, it offers so much convenience for maintenance purposes. This makes it one of the best options to consider.


They are made using solid panels like a couple of other options. However, its major distinguishing feature is that it is perforated. This makes it possible to harvest more rainwater than options with completely sealed panels. The perforated portions are just large enough to accommodate rainwater but small enough to keep debris out.


This option enables debris prevention and water flow using a unique approach. It uses polyurethane foam with very porous features. The foam keeps out debris while enabling water flow.



If you had to choose between gutter guards and professional cleaning services, then the latter should be your priority. This is considering that it is more of a necessity than the former.

Seeing how necessary it is, it should only be entrusted to professionals with the right amount of expertise, experience, and service quality. You can see for more information about this.

However, it is better to use both gutter guards and professional gutter cleaning services. This would do this part of your roof, the entire roof, and the entire building a world of good.

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