Growing A Wild Flower Lawn
As much as I like the idea of a clover lawn, there’s one idea that I like even better: replacing my lawn with a wild flower meadow.
According to HGTV, you can swap out your traditional lawn for a unique mini meadow, giving it a splash of color. From the site:

The simple way to create a meadow look is to allow your lawn to grow long and let the grass flower. To add extra color, plant wildflower plugs in groups within the grass, along with small bulbs. Plant in the fall after cutting the grass short. To keep fertility low, which will encourage wildflowers, do not use lawn fertilizers and always remove clippings so nutrients cannot re-enter the soil. It can take several years to establish a balance between grass and wildflowers.

And then your yard will look like a Monet painting?

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2 thoughts on “Growing A Wild Flower Lawn”

  1. We’ve actually been looking into this for part of our yard. There’s a nice California-native seed company down in Marin we’re planning to visit pretty soon: Larner Seeds. It’s much cheaper to buy seeds than plants.


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