From Light Bulb To Hot Air Balloon

I’m on a hot air balloon kick right now. If I were so inclined–and I kind of am–I might turn a light bulb into a hot air balloon to hang as a mobile or to put on the Christmas tree.

air balloon light bulb

They are the perfect shape for it, and it’s a cool thing to do with old light bulbs (when you aren’t turning them into vases, that is).

Looking around the Internet, it looks like there are several ways to make hot air balloons from light bulbs. One way is to draw on the balloon to get steampunk-like balloons, like so:


Or you can decoupage fabric on the balloon:


Or, if you want to get complicated, you can hollow the bulb out and cover it with wire, like this man does:

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Lots of creative possibilities here. Hmmm…

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