Fall Cocktail Round-Up

Tis the season of pumpkin, apples, and pears–all of which go great in cocktails. Here’s a round-up of fall cocktails I have made with DIY Cocktails.
savvyhousekeeping fall cocktails pumpkin flip
Pumpkin Flip. Pumpkin, bourbon, allspice liqueur, and egg white.
savvyhousekeeping hot buttered pumpkin rum
Hot Buttered Pumpkin Rum. A Hot Buttered Rum with pumpkin and spices added to it.
savvyhousekeeping pumpkin spice bourbon fall cocktails
Pumpkin Spice Bourbon. Infused bourbon with pumpkin spices.
savvyhousekeeping fall cocktail harvest highball
Harvest Highball Cocktail. Apple cider, rye whiskey, and ginger.
savvyhousekeeping apple brown bourbon fall cocktails
Apple Brown Bourbon. Apple dessert in a glass.
savvyhousekeeping fall cocktails pearaschino
Pearaschino. Pears, ginger ale, bourbon, and maraschino liqueur.
Happy fall!

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