DIY Frozen Toaster Waffles

I’m making forays into filling my freezer with frozen meals. The theory is that it’s less work for me overall to do a big batch of something, freeze it, and pull out as needed.
Look at it this way: you’re already making waffles. Why not make extra waffles, then freeze them? That way you’ll have future waffles as well as current waffles, all for a few extra minutes work.
So that’s what I did. On Sunday, I made a double batch of waffles, ate some with my family, and stuck the rest in plastic bags for future breakfasts.
Like with Eggo waffles and other frozen waffles, all you have to do to cook them is stick them in the toaster. That makes them a fast and easy breakfast option.
I used the Joy of Cooking’s waffle recipe. When I made it, I doubled the ingredients, duplicating everything I did in two bowls. (So three eggs went in one bowl, three eggs went in the other bowl, etc.) Then I got out the waffle iron and cooked them.
The double batch made 16 waffles. We ate a few and the rest went into freezer bags. We now have three extra breakfasts worth of waffles for whenever we want.
DIY Frozen Toaster Waffles
Note: The following recipe from Joy of Cooking has been doubled to make 16 waffles. If that’s too many for you, divide the recipe in half.

    3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
    2 Tbsp baking powder
    2 Tbsp sugar
    1 tsp salt
    6 eggs
    2 cups butter, melted
    3 1/2 cups milk


Mix all dry ingredients.
Mix all wet ingredients.
Pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients.
Mix until smooth.
Cook with waffle iron.
Stick extra waffles in a plastic bag. Label and put in the freezer for later.

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