Creative Ways to Add Character With Saloon Doors

Are you looking for an antique door that will stand out?

In this digital age, there’s a premium on things that add character. Saloon doors or swing doors fit the bill since they’re characterized by their old-style look.

But saloon doors aren’t just for old western movies or a classic country house. They can work in any home. They’re popular in residential and commercial applications.

If you’d like to incorporate one into your next remodeling project, learn more here.

saloon door

Kitchen Dividers

Do you have an open-concept kitchen or a kitchen that flows into another room? Saloon doors can be an excellent way to create separation without completely closing off the space.

Opt for doors with small windows or slats. This will maintain visibility and airflow while adding a distinct visual element to your kitchen.

Closet Doors

Replace standard closet doors with saloon doors to transform your bedroom or hallway. The swinging action of the doors adds a touch of whimsy and creates a unique focal point.

Choose doors with intricate carvings or ornate handles to enhance the aesthetic.

Home Bar

Transform your entertainment area into a saloon-inspired space. Install saloon doors at the entrance to your home bar.

This addition sets the mood and adds a sense of authenticity to the space. Paint the doors in a bold color or distress them for a vintage look.

Bathroom Entrances

Give your bathroom a distinct character by swapping out traditional doors for saloon doors. This unexpected choice can make a small or plain bathroom feel more inviting and intriguing.

Consider adding frosted or stained glass panels for added privacy.

Study or Home Office

Do you have a dedicated study or home office? Saloon doors can be an excellent way to separate the space from the rest of your home while maintaining an open feel.

The doors can create a sense of seclusion when closed but can be swung open to welcome collaboration and connection.

Laundry Room

Turn a mundane chore into a delightful experience by adding saloon doors to your laundry room. Not only will they add character, but they also allow for easy access and keep the space open.

Choose doors with a weathered finish to give the room a rustic farmhouse vibe.

Playroom or Children’s Bedroom

A saloon door can bring a playful touch to a child’s space. Use them to create an entrance to a playroom or as closet doors in a bedroom.

Kids will love the whimsical feel. The doors can also serve as a way to supervise without being fully closed off from the rest of the house.

Restaurant or Cafe Entrance

If you own a restaurant or cafe, swinging cafe doors at the entrance can be a charming and memorable feature for your establishment. The doors evoke a sense of warmth and hospitality. They invite guests to step inside and experience the unique atmosphere you’ve created.

This website with door hinges can provide you with the best quality hardware. Consider the durability of materials to ensure the doors operate smoothly, even with high traffic.

Consider Saloon Doors for Your Next Home Project

Throwing in saloon doors to any room can add a rustic, interesting touch to the space that is sure to be the envy of many. They don’t just act as a practical use. They become conversation starters and a piece of art.

Why not give saloon doors a try for yourself and see what unique character they can bring to your home? You won’t regret it!

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