Creative Gift Ideas Your Kids Will Enjoy

Some kids are easy to shop for, but others? Not so much. For children who either seem to have it all or are a little harder to please, gift shopping is a creative endeavor that can be intimidating as well as challenging.

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Custom-Printed Coupon Book

Creating a custom-printed coupon book for your kids is a great way to personalize your gift and ensure it’s unique to them.

Think about things that your kids often want to get away with — staying up late, an extra hour or two on the iPad, or a cookie before dinner — and create coupons! The options are endless.

A coupon book is also easy to alter for any age. If your child is more of a picky eater, consider a coupon that allows them to choose dinner. If your teen is struggling with stress, offer a coupon for a mental health day off from school.

Vintage Comics and Graphic Novels

When it comes to reading materials, children love visually appealing ones in contrast to plain ones. Other than coloring books and colorful storybooks, few of these would be vintage comics and graphic novels. These are known to bring children into the world of reading. The visuals assist in developing their imagination while the storylines help improve their empathy and cognitive abilities.

In today’s technological advancement, digital stores are now available if you want to purchase comic books and graphic novels. Having an online comic book price guide can help you maneuver through buying a few and having it delivered right at the comfort of your homes.

Modern Day Mixtape

It’s no secret that each generation has loved getting a custom music playlist as a gift. From creating mixtapes, burning each other CDs, and curating Spotify playlists, the gift of music is ageless.

If your kiddo is a music lover, consider creating a modern-day mixtape of tunes you think they will enjoy. This is a great way to introduce them to some new music as well as bond by sharing songs you like, too.

Depending on your child’s age, you can also include concert tickets with this gift.

Personalized Items of Clothing

Personalized items of clothing are an easy way to make sure your child’s gift is unique — and there are many options to choose from!

You can design a custom t-shirt for your child to wear to school or design custom fanny packs for your teens to wear to the mall or music festivals. In fact, fanny packs are currently trending and are one of the hottest accessories right now!

Personalized custom clothing is fun and one-of-a-kind — and sure to be a creative gift for your child.

Movie Night in a Box

On its own, a movie night doesn’t sound like that creative of a gift idea. But when you pack movie night up into a box, it transforms into a much more fun concept — tie it with a bow, and you’re set!

To create a movie night in a box, first, select a movie that your kid either likes or will enjoy. Place the DVD in a decorative box alongside movie snacks like popcorn and candy.

Additional goodies and movie night supplies like blankets, pillows, pajamas, and items inspired by the selected movie make great add-ons.

To take it one step further, consider theming the evening to match the selected movie with decorations and snacks!

Children’s Subscription Boxes

Receiving a monthly subscription box in the mail is fun for adults — and it can be a fun, creative gift for kids, too!

There are a variety of subscription boxes to choose from for children with different interests such as science, crafting, traveling, the environment, and more!

Alternatively, you can create your own “subscription” box for your kids and fill it with things you know they will always love.

Sponsor an Animal

For children who are animal lovers, sponsoring an animal is the perfect gift. Most sponsorships come with a certificate of some kind that your kid can frame and display.

Alongside the certificate, you can easily add a figurine or stuffed animal of the same type of animal to round out the gift.

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