Command Strip For Brick Walls – UPDATED 2023 – A Complete Guide

Discover the versatility and convenience of Command Strips for decorating brick walls, a modern solution for wall adornment without damage.

Key Takeaways

  • Command Strips are double-sided adhesives, ideal for hanging items on walls, including paintings and shelves, without causing damage.
  • They are effective on smooth surfaces but may struggle with textured walls and are not recommended for outdoor brick walls.
  • Various types, including regular and clear strips, are available, with some specially designed for outdoor or bathroom use.
  • They can be used on stone and glass if the surface is smooth and clean.
  • Weight limits vary, with some strips supporting up to 16 pounds.
  • Alternatives include traditional nails, adhesive hooks, and hardwall hangers, each with its own advantages and limitations.

According to VIP Realty, people have been decorating their walls with different objects, art, and more for centuries. Look at ancient caves, and you will find many art decorations. Even today, we never miss an opportunity to decorate our walls. Of course, we are always looking for ways that will not damage the walls.

And there are solutions. The simplest solution comes in the form of a command strip for brick walls. Do you know what are they? How do they work?

Well, do not worry, we have answers to all your questions. Let’s start.

What are command strips?

Command Strip For Brick Walls

If you have never used command strip for a brick wall before, this is your first question. And at first glance, these command strips might not look impressive. They look like decorative stickers we put on walls.

But there is a difference. Unlike stickers, command strips have adhesive on both sides. This allows them to stick to the wall surface, and you to stick an item to them.

You might think they cannot hold much. At least that is how they look at first glance. But they are stronger than they seem. You can actually hang stuff, paintings, pictures, or even try to mount wall plant holders and floating shelves.

There is a weight limit. It is set at 12 pounds for medium-strength command strips and 16 pounds for heavy-duty command strips. Pay attention to the weight limit.

The best part, however, is that you do not have to put holes in your walls or spend time trying to hang something. It is as easy to use as ever. Simply stick the strip to the regular wall, and then place an item of your choosing over it.

Can you use them on textured walls?

Another question many people have is whether command strips can be used on all types of walls? What about textured walls?

There is no guarantee. It depends on the amount of texture. For example, let’s say you want to hang them on a fairly smooth texture. Then it may work. Yet, the more textured the wall surface is, the lower the chance that they will hold.

Remember, we said they are not like stickers. But in this case, they are a lot like stickers. They adhere only to a smooth surface. If you have a textured wall, you should look for an alternative solution for hanging your decorations.

If in some case you manage to stick a command strip to a textured wall, do not put too much weight or it will fall. Do command strips work? Yes they do in most cases.

How about brick walls?

Brick wall is are not as smooth as a regular wall. Attaching a command strip to it will not be easy. But it is doable. That is why we said you can use command strip for brick walls. Consider the gaps between the bricks and try to avoid them.

Now, command strips for outdoor brick walls will not work. There are so many factors there. Outdoor walls can get dirty and wet all the time. That messy and rough surface will not sit well with these picture hanging strips.

Types of command strips

There are regular command strips that work well for most indoor locations. Then you can get the clear strips that work best for very clean smooth surfaces.

Now, if you plan to hang something outside or in your bathroom, look for strips rated for outdoor use or for bathroom use.

Can you put them on stone?

Again, strips work best on clean smooth surfaces. If you wipe the wall with isopropyl rubbing alcohol (otherwise known as methylated spirit) first, you might succeed.

Wiping the wall will ensure your strip bonds well. Avoid using surface sprays or cleaning wipes. That may result in a slippery residue, and that will not stick well.

Do they work on glass?

You can actually hang mirrors in traditional and unconventional places using command strips. They are versatile and can work on glass as well, provided the glass has a smooth surface.

But remember the weight limit. You cannot hang a heavy mirror.

How much weight do they hold?

We said it in the beginning, there are different types of command strips. The smallest ones can hold no more than 4 pounds. Usually, they can hold up to 12 pounds.

The large belts, however, can handle items from 24 inches to 36 inches and weigh up to 16 pounds. Hopefully, that is enough for you.

What are some alternatives?

If command picture hanging strips simply do not work for your idea, there are some alternatives. As we said, they are not great for textured walls and outdoor use. In that case, use some of the more conventional alternatives. Here are some.


Sometimes, there is nothing better than the traditional nails method. These old-fashioned nails are great for hanging picture frames and other decorations. While they can damage your brick wall, they are durable and easy to use. Just make sure to avoid causing too much damage to drywall. Hang pictures only from studs on the wall.

Adhesive Hooks

These are actually quite similar to command strips. As an affordable alternative, they allow you to hang anything you want. You can place a hook anywhere and they can hold objects of up to 22 pounds. They are great for hanging coats, purses, and more. Because they are waterproof and oil-proof, adhesive hooks can be used in the bathroom as well. All you need is a clean wall and a hairdryer. But similar to command strips, an adhesive hook will not work on a textured wall.

Hardwall Hangers

Because adhesive-based hangers have their limitations, we have a better alternative. These hard wall hangers can be used on brick wall and concrete wall easily. You will need a hammer and some attention to detail to install them. Hardwall hangers come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the use for different applications. Their weight capacity ranges from 4 pounds to 22 pounds.

And remember, no matter what alternative you choose, it is always important to check how much weight they can support. You do not want to risk damaging your walls and ruining your precious decorations. So, explore these alternatives and find the one that suits your needs best!”<

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