Christmas Posts Round-Up

I’ve written many posts about Christmas but have never done a Christmas Round-Up before! Here are some posts going back to 2008.
savvyhousekeeping strawberry santas


Strawberry Santas
10 Christmas Breakfasts
Peppermint Meringue Cookies
How To Roast Chestnuts
Traditional English-ish Christmas Dinner
Which Dessert For Christmas?
savvyhousekeeping holiday cheer cocktail


Holiday Cheer Cocktail
Wassail Punch
Christmas Cosmo
Puerto Rican Coquito: Coconut Eggnog
savvyhousekeeping From plastic bag to gift topper

Gift Wrapping:

From Plastic Bag To Gift Topper
5 Cool Gift Wrap Ideas
Gift Tag from Paint Chips
How To Make Christmas Bows
Gift Wrapping Round-Up
The Cheapest Ways To Get Wrapping Paper
savvyhousekeeping shalkboard serving tray christmas gift present

Make Your Own Gifts:

10 DIY Christmas Gifts
10 More DIY Christmas Gifts
10 Fast DIY Christmas Gifts
My Christmas Food Gifts
Polite Ways To Reduce The Gift Treadmill
DIY Christmas
Five Tips for Saving Money on Gift Giving

savvyhousekeeping Miley Cyrus Christmas ball ornament
Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Ornament
3 DIY Christmas Ornaments
3D Print Your Own Christmas Tree Monorail
3D Print Your Own Poinsettia Ornament
savvyhousekeeping three christmas decoration ideas
House Decoration:

3 Christmas Decoration Ideas
Giant Balloon Ornaments
Easy Christmas Decoration
The Cost Of Running Christmas Lights
How To Save Your Poinsettia
savvyhousekeeping button wreath christmas


Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath
Five Recycled Christmas Wreaths
3 DIY Christmas Wreaths
Knitter’s Wreath

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