Childcare Routine For 6 to 9 Month Old Babies

Six to nine months is truly the best phase of a baby because this is the phase when a baby learns to sit, move and create its personality. This adorable bunch of happiness requires all the love, care, nourishment, and pampering at this stage of life. 

Hence, as a parent, you must make sure that the child gets a balanced diet of everything, which includes food, sleep, floor time, along with a lot of cuddles. Certain tips can be taken under consideration while you are planning childcare for 6-to-9-month-olds.

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Nutrition is one of the biggest attributes in childcare

This is the perfect time for you to introduce your child to solids. Along with breastmilk, introduce them to some pure fruit juices. A child develops a taste for food, so introduce them to a variety of flavors and allow them to create a tastebud for themselves.

Decide if you want to go as per the routine or rhythm

 As a parent, you know what is best for your child and how you want your child’s day to look like. Hence, decide if you want to give a routine to your child or go with the flow. 

Both the strategies have their charm, with routine, you can accommodate a lot of stuff in the daily chores of your child. But with rhythm, you can pick whatever works best and you can have unpredictable days.

Drop the pacifier

Now time for a big question: When should babies stop using pacifiers? 6-9 months old is the easiest time because after 9 months babies start to develop an emotional attachment to it.

This is the time for your child to stop using the pacifiers as babies tend to get dependent on them. Also, prolonged use of a pacifier may lead to misalignment of your child’s teeth. 

Using a pacifier to sleep can also lead to disrupted sleep due to the middle-of-the-night crying because the pacifier falls out. 

Time to drop a nap 

Until now your child is napping thrice a day, which means sleeping during bedtime gets harder. Therefore, you need to make sure that the evening nap of your child is shortened and then gradually dropped so that your child is ready to get a goodnight’s sleep.

Time for a growth spurt

 This is a period when a child’s height and weight rapidly increase. There is an increase in muscle and bone growth. You need to make sure that a child is getting enough milk along with some solids during this phase.

Let them play and have floor time

Babies Playing Together

During a growth spurt, you need to make sure that your child is getting enough time on the floor. Let time crawl, roll, sit, play, and fall. Give them a good bath every day, followed by a long hot oil massage because this is the time bone and muscle growth takes place.

Set reminders

It is not suggestible that the parent lives by the clock, but yes, try to include everything in your child’s routine. You must plan your child’s day and try to achieve everything that you have planned. To do that, set reminders or notifications, you can also hang a schedule on your wall and abide by it.


A child is a blessing with all the kinds of cuteness and milestones and so enjoy every moment you have with your child. Remember to provide them with as much body warmth as you can and prepare yourself because the 9-to-12 month is coming soon.

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