Build A Bean Teepee

Here’s a great idea for springtime: Build A Bean Teepee for the kids.
What an awesome–and useful–fort.
The idea is to tie poles together in a teepee shape and then grow beans up the side of each pole. By mid-summer it should be covered with beans.
bean teepee 5
Here’s a more detailed tutorial on how to make a bean teepee.
This would look especially awesome with red beans, like these.

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5 thoughts on “Build A Bean Teepee”

  1. EVERY parent, grandparent, any and all that have kiddos come and visit in the spring/summer should have one of these. Even if you cover it in morning glories or something else. I can only imagine the imagination filled hours of joy any child would have, playing in this hideaway!
    I do believe, I would have to visit once or twice for tea!

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  4. This would really be beautiful with moon vine..hyacinth. Bean….morning glory..Oh. The 4th is coming up. Too late this year but make it red,white, and blue for next season…


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