Blood Orange Old Fashioned

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There were some nice blood oranges at the grocery store, so DIY Cocktails and I decided to make cocktails with them. The Blood Orange Old Fashioned uses four ingredients: bourbon, blood orange juice, bitters, and maple syrup.
Blood oranges, which can be found in grocery stores this time of year, give off a lovely ruby-pink juice that turns orange when you mix it with bourbon. The maple syrup bridges the distance between the tartness of the citrus and the heat of the bourbon, while the bitters and twist of orange peel balances the drink out.
This is a great cocktail to have at a Super Bowl party, or while sitting in front of a fire on a Friday night–and hey, look, it’s Friday.

Blood Orange Cocktail

    2 ounces bourbon
    1/2 ounce blood orange juice
    1 teaspoon maple syrup
    2 dashes bitters
    Twist of orange to garnish

In a glass, combine bourbon, juice, bitters, and maple syrup. Stir with a spoon or stirrer. Add ice. Garnish with orange twist. Enjoy!

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