Awesome And Creative Organizing Products

If you’re into organizing your house, a few organizing products can make a huge difference. Here are a few Awesome And Creative Organizing Products that have worked for me.

Single Corner Shelves. I have two of these, one for my bowls and one for my plates. This was the product got me excited about organizing in the first place, which I wrote about before.

Cupboard Shelf. I love these things. I use them for mugs, office paper, spices, and baking dishes. Why are they so exciting? They let you utilize vertical space in a cupboard, thus doubling what you can store there. You can get them at most major box stores. They cost around $7.
Dollar Tree Self-Adhesive Hooks. These hooks can’t handle a lot of weight, but come on: you get nine hooks for $1. That’s $.11 each. I use them to hold my dust pan, toothbrushes, and baby bibs.
Dollar Tree Pencil Holders. You can get three of these narrow plastic bins for $1. I use them to hold organize my junk drawer (above), pens, and extra kitchen supplies.
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Lid Holder. If you get the right kind, you can use these to hold cutting boards, cookie sheets, or plates, as well as pot lids.
Small Lazy Susans. I have two of these in the pantry, one to hold herbs and one to hold oils and vinegars. They also sell a double-tier lazy susan, which I wish I’d seen before buying the other ones.

Under The Sink Organizer. I don’t have one of these, but I would if I hadn’t spent my organizing budget on all of the above. It lets you organize around that pesky sink pipe. Great idea.
What organizing products have worked for you?

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1 thought on “Awesome And Creative Organizing Products”

  1. If you are an Ikea fan they have a lot of inexpensive yet pretty items like the plate shelves, lazy susans and pot-lid holders. They also have systems of bars with bins that hang from s-hooks for organizing.
    Also if you have a few lamp parts and trays, you can make your own lazy susan. The lids from round candy tins work great as tiers if you don’t have trays. All you need is a track for it to spin on which can be accomplished by letting the trays move independently on the center post. If you have heavy items to store you’ll need something with ball-bearings.


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