A Pet Hair Magnet?

I’ve talked a lot about my struggles with cat hair on here. An update on the situation: keeping the cats out of the bedroom has worked wonders–no more cat hair on the bed. We have a leather couch now, which has made it easier to clean up the cat hair that gets on it. Tennis balls do seem to work in the dryer for getting cat hair off clothes, and the microfiber glove does a pretty good job of finishing up the rest.
All and all, I’d say I’m 55% less inundated with cat hair than I was a year ago. Those are good odds, but I can’t help wishing it was more like 90%. Impossible without getting rid of the cats, you say? Maybe so. Still, my search for the perfect cat hair remover goes on.
Which brings me to the Pet Hair Magnet, which sells for $12.99 at major pet stores. It is being touted as a green alternative to lint sheets for getting cat hair off of things. Here’s what it looks like:
pet hair magnet
Apparently, it has ribbed rubber blades that pull up the cat hair for you, which you then rinse or wipe it away. It is a “greener” solution than lint rollers because you are not pulling sheet after sheet of sticky roller paper off and throwing it away, thus saving money and pressure on the landfill. While that’s nice and all, I have to point out that the microfiber glove is the same concept and costs half the price of the Pet Hair Magnet.
However, one advantage to this gadget I can see: because the surface is rubber and not microfiber, it might be easier to get the pet hair off the Pet Hair Magnet than the glove. With this, it sounds like it comes right off. With the glove, you have to push the hair off by working it in the direction of the fiber. And because I hate doing that, the Pet Hair Magnet is intriguing, indeed. But the real question is, how well does it work?

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5 thoughts on “A Pet Hair Magnet?”

  1. Yes, the Pet Hair Magnet works. I vacuumed a portion of carpet, then took the Pet Hair Magnet to it immediately after. I was surprised at the amount of dog hair that it had pulled up from an area that I had just vacuumed. I only wish they had a “broom” version instad of just a handheld, which would let me pull piles of hair and then use the wand on my vacuum to pick it up (a dyson).

  2. One of my after school chores in high school was to damp mop the rugs to get up all the hair our long haired dog would shed. Just use one of those sponge mops and get it a little damp. Pulling towards yourself, drag the mop one small area at a time. It takes a little bit of time but is probably just as effective as one of these ‘magnets’ and it has a long handle. For fabric covered couches or chairs or clothing, just use a damp folded face cloth the same way.
    ps. I really dig your site.


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